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We have distributed stationary to students in kahe Village. 300 students from Kwa ginja primary school, Oria primary school and Samali primary school have received pens, pencils,notebooks, crayons, color pencils and notebooks. Teachers in these schools have received teaching materials to support their work. Special thanks To SEIJ IKEDA  from Japan  for donation of stationaries.

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Improved wash project in primary schools in Kahe Village.

  KICEF HAS EMPOWERED 950 CHILDREN IN KAHE VILLAGE IN JANUARY /FEBRUARY 2017. Installation of permanent wash project basin in eight primary schools in Kahe Village. The schools which are involved in this project are Kahe primary schools, Mwangaria Primary school, Mawala primary school, Oria primary school, Maendeleo primary school, Kisangesangeni primary school, Kwa ginja […]

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Wash project – School 4


Today we have been to the Mwangaria Primary School which is a bit more far away. The way there goes through a beautiful landscape. Also here we installed four cans. Three close to the toilets and one close to the classrooms. Because there was no place in the shadow for the teachers toilet we put […]

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Wash project – School 3


Today we have been to the Kahe primary school to install our construction. The good thing was that there was shadow everywhere, so we did not need the iron sheet to protect the cans. Three of the canisters we installed close to the toilets and one next to the classrooms. We told the children to […]

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Wash project – School 2


Today we have been to the Kwa-Ginja Primary School in Kahe. As last week, we took a group of 10 students to support us in building. We explained our project and why we want to build this construction in school. The problem was, that we did not have enough pangas (this tool to cut) to […]

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Wash project – School 1


Today we have been in the Mawala Primary school to install our wash project there. We asked the headteacher to prepare a group of 10 students who will help us to build the construction. First we talked to them about the current situation and found out, that not many of them wash hands after coming […]

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Wash project


Our goal is to support schools and the students there to have a better quality of lessons. Also the health care is a focus, so we plan to install this construction in every school in Kahe. Many schools have no place to wash hands after coming from the toilet. This can be a reason for […]

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