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Our projects

Health insurances for children



We help children to get a health insurance. Every child has to pay 6000 TSH (ca. 3$), but this kind of insurance is only available for groups. So every group needs 5 children and we pay 30.000 TSH (ca.15$) in total. The duration is one year; after that we have to renew the insurance. At the moment 40 children have a health insurance. Our goal is it to give this insurance to 100 children From january 2017 to June 2017.


School support

Schools in our local village  are in a very poor condition. There are e public and private primary schools in our village. Schools do not have enough desks, books, classes, teachers, blackboards, food, teaching materials, hygiene  facilities , water , sport items and other basic items for learning.  we are willing to support our local schools in the village so that we can reduce children vulnerability and have better future of our people in the community.

We have started school support by installing wash project basins in eight primary schools and we are looking for partners who will help us to raise money for renovation of Mawala primary school. The information about mawala primary schools are available  below.


Hello, we are students in Mawala Primary school in Kahe. Here you see us in front of our school building. We would like to show you our school with all the challenges we face there.


KICEF already came to install this construction with us infront of the toilets and the classrooms. Now we can wash our hands and avoid to get sick. But do you see the wall in the background of the picture? It has many holes and the destruction will continue because the soil here has more acid so it attacks the stones. We need special stones to replace the ones we have now. One classroom already has new stones. But we need to replace the other stones too so our school buildings will not be destroyed completely.


That is our best classroom where most things are ok. But still we need to have a new blackboard because we can’t read things well. Here the ceiling board is broken.



But we also have much more bad classrooms. This one here has no paint, no floor and we need a new blackboard.


Some classrooms even have holes in the wall and the door will get broken soon. But at least we have a door here. Many other classrooms have no doors.


This classroom is one of the worst. The blackboard is in a very bad condition and we have no floor. In this kind of ground there can be very small insects which enter in the body and cause diseases.


In some rooms we have holes in the roof, so the water can come inside when it is raining.


This is our playground where we can play soccer. But we have nothing else to play here because we do not have items like balls or skipping ropes.


This is our kitchen. Normally there should be one out of bricks. But we only have this one with iron sheets and they have many holes in the sides and the roof.

The condition is not the best we know. Much more bad is, that it is not used because we do no longer get food in school. So all the day we stay there without lunch. Many of us even do not get breakfast at home before we go to school. So you can imagine how hard it is to concentrate with empty stomachs.


Here you can see the borehole we have in our school. At least we can get water there to wash hands. But we don’t have any access to clean water that we can drink.


I hope you enjoyed this tour through our school and you saw the conditions. Not only the building is a problem, also many materials for teachers are missing to teach us in a good way.

Now we want to list some costs for the renovation of our school:

Replacing the bricks in one classroom: About 350.000 TSH (ca.160$)
Making a floor in one classroom: About 1.060.000 TSH (ca.480$)
Renewing one blackboard: About 68.000 TSH (ca.30$)

You can change our situation and help us to have a better quality of lessons in our school. We would be happy if you could come here to Kahe to visit our school and to help us together with KICEF to make this school a better place to study. You can come as a volunteer and we will show you our school. Or if you don’t have the time or money to travel here, you can still support us with your donation. We will be happy about your support.