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Direct support to the children


Our friend Julieth donating to children. Most of the children need food, clothes, education and health care. You may join this movement by volunteering or donating. Our friend Julieth talking and playing with the children.

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Clothes to all children


We did this project by organizing a local collection of clothes in Moshi town with the volunteers who are there. We collected clothes for twenty students. These are clothes to be used at home and in church or occasions.

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Home visits in Kahe


Together with our project coordinator Miss Mdetele we did home visits in seven families in Ngasini village. We found many children without shoes, proper clothes, food and education material.

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Giving to Orphans and vulnerable children


Our KICEF Team has managed to visit 14 children in Rau Primary and Kisangsangeni Primary school in Kahe Ward. We gave them exercise books, pens and soap. The visit was a real blessing for them because most of them did not attend school caused by a lack of important materials. The children are very happy […]

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Back to school


This is TABU BAKARI ALLY. She is a girl from one of the poor families in Kahe Ward. Her father was not able to send her to school anymore. She passed her standard seven examinations and was chosen to join the Oria Secondary School. We managed to send her back to school because a friend […]

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Life in poverty


Orphans are often forced to engage in child labour to get food and other necessary things they need for life. Poverty in the family is the main factor for the children to run to the streets.

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