Wash project – School 1

Today we have been in the Mawala Primary school to install our wash project there. We asked the headteacher to prepare a group of 10 students who will help us to build the construction. First we talked to them about the current situation and found out, that not many of them wash hands after coming from toilet. We also explained to them what we want to do and why.

After this introduction we went to find trees for cutting wood. Even the headteacher was climbing on the trees to cut wood. The students brought the wood to the toilets and started to dig holes there. Then step by step they installed the construction in front of the girls toilet, the boys toilet and two in front of the classrooms. Many of them tried how it is working and even said, they want to try to have the same construction at home. It was great to see, how they were helping us to build the constructions. And we are sure now they will be able to fix parts if there will anything get broken.