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Volunteer with us

Volunteer with us


As a young NGO, we rely extremely on the help of volunteers to ensure the success of our objectives to support schools and their students. We believe that everyone has different possibilities and gifts/talents to stop the hurting in this world. We believe volunteers can make positive changes in the lives of the children and the whole community. If you are interested in volunteering with Kilimanjaro Children Empowering foundation (KICEF), contact us by using the details given on this website.

How you can help

  • We want to help the schools in renewing parts of the building that are broken or to install new things that are missing. For that we need your physical participation to make those changes in the schools. Possibilities are for example to install a construction to wash hands, to make a floor, to fix broken blackboards or to paint walls.


  • You can help us to find teachings materials, clothes or other necessary materials to bring them to the schools and hand over to the teachers and students


  • Help us to raise funds to realize our plans in supporting the schools and to buy materials needed for the renovations of the buildings, teaching materials and other services. Also we need to pay the health insurances for the students.